BBQ Brazil Rotary Electric Grill with 5 Skewers

BBQ Brazil Rotary Electric Grill with 5 Skewers Reviewed

| Updated October 2, 2017

The BBQ Brazil Rotary Electric Grill is totally smoke-free and is equipped with 5 skewers with long and ergonomic handles to cook a range BBQ dishes like chicken, beef and pork, in the perfect barbecue way. Roasting and broiling of whole chickens is convenient and quick inside curved glass doors, due to uniform heat circulation inside. Up to 1.5 Kg can be cooked on each skewer making party-time cooking less exhaustive for BBQ enthusiasts. The fat collecting tray aids in easy cleaning of the gas barbecue grills. The smoke-free cooking method preserves the taste of different dishes, by sealing flavour and aroma.


Multiple skewers with good grilling capacity

Curved and transparent glass doors


Product relatively new

Brand: Atke
Model#: SMART-05 127 V
Weight: 44.82

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