Churrasco Rotisserie Grill

Churrasco Rotisserie Grill Reviewed

| Updated October 2, 2017

The Churrasco Rotisserie Grill cooks evenly grilled dishes with maximum flavour retention and uniform temperature distribution inside the grill head. Multiple rotisserie-style skewers make it possible to cook different types of meat and vegetables. There is an assortment of skewers, 4 single, 1 triple and 3 multi-use basket skewers to choose from. A catch tray is provided for environment friendly cooking. Smoke-free cooking leads to tastier and healthier recipes. The infrared burners are individually controlled, leading to better autonomy. The transparent glass door leads to better visualization and monitoring of the cooking process. The slip-free product is of secure construction, leading to more stability and life.


Can be used with LPG or natural gas using the switch option.

Multiple skewers provide variety and autonomy in cooking


Product relatively new

Brand: Norcal Ovenworks
Model#: 281
Weight: 50

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