DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo Pack

DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo Pack Reviewed

| Updated December 4, 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone is a bundle of goodies for the tech-savvy with state-of-art Wi-Fi technology that connects them together. The VR Vue viewer helps you make the most of aerial photography and videography shot by your drone, that accommodates a 4K camera and as many as 5 vision sensors. The spacious 32 GB memory card promises adequate storage space. A single battery recharge guarantees 27 minutes of flight with an admirable speed of 40 miles per hour. Vision Positioning is controlled by GPS and GLONASS during both indoor and outdoor usages. The technology-rich flying cameras are powered with 24 dedicated computing cores. The device is stabilized with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal


Provides high speed of 40 miles/hour

Controls position of vision


Lack of adequate instructions

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