ONKYO Hi-Res Digital Audio Player DP-X1A

ONKYO Hi-Res Digital Audio Player DP-X1A Reviewed

| Updated November 9, 2017

The ONKYO High resolution digital audio player DP-X1A is sound tuned for audio enthusiasts and music lovers. Its twin DACS and Amps offer balanced audio and it is known for its universal music support. Additionally, you can connect, cast and stream music and it even supports MQA. It is sound tuned for the discerning audiophile and delivers the best balance of practical durability and immersive sounds with the DPX1A. It also has an adaptable future focused set and twin SABRE DACs laid out with separate capacitors. Get tangible increase in headroom and precision when it comes to audio reproduction.


Very fast user interface

Lightweight, compact and durable


Google Docs, Spreadsheets etc enabled which have no value for music listener

Brand: ONKYO
Model#: DPX1A(B)
Weight: 7.2 ounces

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