Oral-B White Pro 1000

Oral-B White Pro 1000 Reviewed

| Updated May 18, 2017

The Oral-B White Pro 1000 rechargeable toothbrush from Braun can redefine your daily brushing journey as it proves to be 300% effective in plaque removal when compared to manual brushes. The 3D cleaning action rotates and pulsates the brush head, and prepares to remove plaque affinity across the gum lines. Every 30 seconds, the dutiful in-handle timer prompts you to shift to different quadrants of the mouth, for a total cleaning experience. The rounded CrossAction brush heads approach the teeth in 16 degrees angle, making it flexible to clean even the most inaccessible areas of teeth, with ease. For the over-enthusiatic brushers who would damage their gums with theor forceful pulsations, the pressure sensor stops them short and alerts. In terms of compatibility with other Oral B brush heads, the Oral-B White Pro 1000 can use any of the brush heads from Oral-B, giving more reasons to smile.


3D cleaning action for holistic brushing; pressure sensors to avoid over brushing

300% effective than manual brushes in plaque removal; CrossAction brush heads for superior cleaning


Only single mode; Noisy when used

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