Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean

Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Reviewed

| Updated May 18, 2017

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush works in as many as 5 different brushing modes and offers two types of brush heads, namely, Diamond Clean and Adaptive Clean serving twin purposes of gum care and plaque removal, in one go. With the unique sonic technology, teeth are cleaned to a sparkle with an amazing 31000 brush stroke rate per minute, making plaque fighting 10 times more effective than its manual counterpart. With more strokes, fluids are driven deep between even inaccessible tooth spaces, resulting in a holistic oral experience. While visible difference on whiteness is observed within a week of usage, a fortnight is all it takes for healthy and bleeding-free gums. Brush head level caps are provided for hygiene. The white color, slender design and the glass charger account for one-of-its-kind branding from Phillps.


31000 brush strokes per minute; whiter teeth in a week

Effective gum protection and plaque removal 10 times better than manual brushes


Packaging issues; Breaks easily

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