Raniaco Bike Computer

Raniaco Bike Computer Reviewed

| Updated August 14, 2017

Say hello to modern day wireless LCD display enabled Raniaco Bike computer and bid farewell to your cycling worries. This cyclocomputer is small in size light in weight and has multiple functions. It works as a bike speedometer and an odometer, measuring speed, riding time and distance. Wireless and waterproof, it is the epitome of convenience and durability. You also have a choice of setting the backlight to green or white color. The 83 grams light cycling computer records traffic speed, total traffic mileage, single lane mileage, maximum driving speed, average speed, driving time, miles set and more.


wireless and waterproof

small in size, light in weight


rubber O-ring must be doubled up when installing the bracket

Brand: Raniaco
Model#: Raniaco
Weight: 83g

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