Satechi BT MediaRemote Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control

Satechi BT MediaRemote Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control Reviewed

| Updated November 15, 2017

Satechi BT’s Media Remote Bluetooth Multi Media remote control has a Bluetooth 3.0 HID, class II profile. This device works with iOS and Android devices and supports Bluetooth HID. Media playback controls include mute, volume up and down, fast forward or rewind, play or pause. Home buttons can activate Siri and through the volume button, the pictures can be taken with iPhone cameras with you in the snap. It is powered with CR-2025 coin cell batteries and boasts battery life of up to 6 month. The Satechi BT Media remote is the perfect multimedia companion for any device and is a leading high resolution digital audio player accessory.


Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity

Works with a wide variety of OS and Android devices


Not compatible with iOS devices presentation tools

Brand: Satechi
Model#: ST-BTRM1
Weight: 1 ounces

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