SweetLF Electric Shaver for Men

SweetLF Electric Shaver for Men Reviewed

| Updated May 22, 2017

The SweetLF Electric Shaver for Men Waterproof IPX7 outshines competitive products in terms of retaining battery charge, by lasting up to 120 mins of shaving with only an hour’s charging, with an extra charge plug included. The 3D rotary shaver has floating heads which adjust shaving in accordance with skin contours and curves, rendering a comfortable and balanced shave, even over the jaw and necklines. The motor can be muted to provide noiseless and distraction-free shaving. The Sweet LF Pop-up Trimmer enables you to sport some of the trendiest styles while trimming your sideburns and mustache to go with the look. The 100% waterproof product offers high-precision either in a quick on-the-go situation or on a luxurious, water, soap and shaving gel mode. Cleansing becomes easy and hygienic, with a useful cleaning brush that is provided with the electric shaver. The shaver is made is to suit modern grooming styles of today.


120 minute lasting time after 1 hour recharge

3D rotary shaver with floating heads; 100% waterproof


Unsafe on freckled skin; motor functioning is slow

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