Swingline Paper Shredder,

Swingline Paper Shredder, Reviewed

| Updated November 27, 2017

As a shredder made for quickness and cleanliness, using the Swingline Paper Shredder can be the safe way to clear your desk free of loads of junk mails, brochures and pamphlets that are no longer needed. An average, letter-sized sheet is minced to 400 pieces, with a shredding capacity of 12 sheets at a time. An in-built indicator enables user to know if the shredder is ready or is resting. The run time is only 4 minutes and can be your perfect device to quickly clear your office cubicle. The 5-gallon waste bin, with lift-off bin stores the shredded remains for disposal. Papers are shred in two directions, rendering deciphering impossible.


Separate cutter to shred DVDs and CDs

In-built indicator


Very low container capacity

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