Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter Beverage Refrigerator Reviewed

| Updated October 2, 2017

This 90 standard 12 ounce cans capacity appliance is the leading choice among beverage refrigerators on offer nowadays for a reason. Its unique combination of pleasing aesthetics and optimal functionality make it perfect for compact, efficient beverage refrigeration and display. Ideal for those looking for a handy cooler, this stainless steel trimmed, glass door equipped sleek white beverage fridge has a recessed handle providing a flush finish with the door. Soft LED interior lighting, a cylinder lock and two keys and door swing direction reversible for customization add elegance and utility to this beverage refrigerator. Powerful compressor cooling, internal fan forced circulation for even temperature and humidity distribution across the cabinet and massive capacity for a standard beverage cooler, make this appliance of critical value for the beer buffs and drinking parties.


Mechanical temperature control

Soft interior LED lighting and stainless steel trimmed glass door


Limited capacity of only 90 cans

Brand: Whynter
Model#: BR-091WS
Weight: 48.5 pounds

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